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(Fun) facts about The Netherlands

The Netherlands, litererally means  ”low lands” with some 60% of the population living 5 m below sealevel.

The Netherlands is the most densely populated country with more than 17 million people living on 41.500 per square km, that’s 500 people per square km.

There are more bikes than people in the Netherlands and nevertheless it’s the safest bike country in the world for biking.

The Netherlands, among 125 countries, ranks first in the world, above France and Switzerland for having the most plentiful, nutritious, healthy and affordable food.

Maybe that’s the reason why the Dutch men are the tallest of the world.

The Dutch were the first in the world to legalise gay marriage.

According to the latest EU language report 94% of Dutch people speak 2 languages, well above the EU average of 54%.

The Dutch eat the most liquorice (dropjes) in the world, each year 32 million kilos.

Despite the flag being red, white and blue, orange is the national colour as the monarchy descends from the House of Orange.
On the King’s birthday, April 27, Dutch people dress in orange and have  outdoor parties, picnics and parades. And also during world sport championships, in which the Netherlands participate,  you can see the colour orange everywhere.

King Willem Alexander is the first Dutch King in 123 years.
The coronation in April 2013 came after his mother Queen Beatrix, abdicated at the age of 75, ending a female reign that lasted for three generations.

And of course The Netherlands is famous for the tulips (80% of the world’s flower bulbs), the clogs  (6 million of souvenir clogs are produced each year) and the windmills (over 1000 windmills still standing from 1850). The “Kinderdijk” area is a Unesco World Heritage Site, since 1997 and home to 19 traditional windmills.